RFID Fabric Stock Tracking

RFID Fabric Stock Tracking

Takipsan’s user volume type adjustable unique tracking system, Fabric Tracking Project can be installed according to the specified process times accepted in the interviews with the user.
These applications that consists of RFID reader hardware, process tracking location tracking softwares; it makes it possible to physically monitor the number of products purchased imported into the inventory the specific warehouses special areas determined according to the need.

The process starts by the installation of the RFID labels made by Takipsan on the product during the acceptance of the product; continues with the tracking of the labels on the system with the RFID reader hand terminals at the designated points. The process continues until the product is taken out of the facility entrance.
The system also helps user to find the products according to their specifications (colour, structure, batch no. etc) in the warehouse prevents any human error while inventory count.

Users can track the products physically in real time on the web, as well as on mobile platforms via IOS Android devices. With the recording of the operation in the database, the special software developed by Takipsan can respond to the need for high-value reporting for the facility.

Takipsan provides the opportunity to plan more accurate planning to minimize the costs by providing accurate reporting data analysis capabilities with its pioneering solutions using RFID technologies

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It is a big opportunity, especially for big volume companies to render real-time product tracking possible to increase the consistency of increasing data to the new-age smart systems.

Bahise KURT
Manager of IT Operations, VAKKO

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