RFID Jewelry Tracking

RFID Jewelry Tracking

RFID in the Jewelry Industry
RFID technology, which brings a new lease to the jewelry sector provides many convenience to both the producers the shopkeepers, provides different solutions to the issues such as counting, security, counterfeiting service speed in this sector.
Here are a few examples of possible applications;
When the display platforms are placed on the reader together with the products on it, all the products on the plastic can be read at the same time, so the counting becomes very easy.
When the customer wants to know the price of a product in the showcase, under normal circumstances this product is taken from the showcase, weighed, the price is calculated told to the customer. In RFID technology, since all information about the product is already registered on the RFID label on the product, the dealer can reach a reader’s label on the product’s label access all the information about the product transfer it to the customer in a short time.
This also eliminates the safety issues by removing more than one product on the bench.
It is also possible for the employees working in the shop to make account mistakes during the sale to provide full service to the customer.
When desired, the product can be stored on the product labels, the date of production of the product, the masters who worked on the product, the date of the shop entrance, the number of times displayed to the customer can be checked for the return of the right product when any product is given for sale to a neighboring shop.
With the antennas to be placed in the shop entrances exits, it is prevented that a product is not taken out of the store without the knowledge of the shopkeeper.

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It is a big opportunity, especially for big volume companies to render real-time product tracking possible to increase the consistency of increasing data to the new-age smart systems.

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